In Bafoussam, West Region, five persons arrested in connection with the February 2008 riots remained in pretrial detention. Donfack Yannick Romain, Noumbo Bertrand, Tsafack Eric, Kenfack Fomete William, and Tsafack Jean Pierre were arrested between March and May 2008 in the aftermath of that February’s riots.

They were accused of setting fire to a poultry farm during the riots and remanded in custody in Bafoussam pending trial by the military tribunal.

In December 2012, four years after the alleged events took place, the military tribunal declined jurisdiction. The plaintiffs filed an appeal, and on June 27, the Court of Appeals reversed the decision and declared the military court competent to hear the case.

As of September the five accused remained in custody, and the court had not opened the case. And the matter had been adjoint to 17th November 2015 by the Military Court seating in DSCHANG in the MENOUA Division, West Region.

MOWHA FRANKLIN, FFCI (Frontline Fighters for Citizen’s Interest (FFCI)